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BNO News Wire Service

First wire report on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

BNO News provides news wire services to media organizations and other companies which have a need to know the latest breaking news. Our subscription service offers a selection of U.S. and international top stories. Stories can be used for syndication on websites or in other media such as newspapers, to supplement a news organization’s own reporting, or for internal use.

Stories from the BNO News Wire Service are delivered straight to your inbox or published immediately on your website via XML feeds. Subscribers can also log in to the web portal (pictured above) to view the latest stories.

BNO News provides full U.S. and international stories at extremely competitive rates. And unlike other news agencies which require content to be deleted after a certain time, BNO News allows its customers to retain content indefinitely.

To find out more about the BNO News Wire Service, email us at [email protected].